3 In 1 Smart Sweeping Robot Home Sweeper Sweeping and Vacuuming UV Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping Robots

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  • Material: Rubber
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • item: robot sweeper
  • item2: electric sweeper
  • type: Electric broom sweeper
  • type2: sweeping vacuum cleaner
  • type3: sweeping and dragging robot
  • Battery capacity: 2400mAh
  • feature: Ultraviolet sterilization
  • feature2: Low noise cleaning
  • feature3: spray humidification
  • support: dropshipping/wholesale
  • support2: ES CZ US FR warehouse fast delivery


3 In 1 Smart Sweeping Robot Home Sweeper Sweeping and Vacuuming UV Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping Robots


1. No need to control, automatic routing

The sweeper adopts intelligent chip without manual operation and control. It can clean automatically and turn automatically when meeting obstacles or walls. Two different cleaning modes are used to clean omni-directional without dead angle.


2. Atomization and humidification, intelligent spray mode.

The built-in spray device of the sweeping machine can also spray and humidiate every corner of the room at the same time of cleaning, giving you the comfort you want, and effectively balancing the humidity of the four seasons.


3. Walking , we are different

Different from the conventional sweepers on the market, the self weight downward pressure rotary cleaning machine does not run around regularly while rotating,


4. High frequency reciprocating movement, more thorough cleaning

The sweeper spins to walk, simulating a real person to wipe the floor. The motor runs at high speed, and drives the external rotating disc through the planetary reduction gear, and the high-speed rotation frequency is as high as 100 times / min. There is no surplus power consumption in the process of motor transmission, which realizes ultra-low power consumption.


5. Powerful rotation, double cleaning

The sweeper is equipped with 3000 rpm powerful motor to drive high-speed rotary dishcloth, and the dry and wet wipers are cleaner


6. Ultraviolet blue lamp, upgrade cleaning strength

When the sweeper starts, turn on the ultraviolet light. Disinfect the floor to eliminate the corner , hair , mites that can’t be seen by eyes.


7. Ultra thin fuselage easy access to blind area

The height of the sweeper body is only 6cm, which can easily go deep into the bottom of the table and the bed for deep cleaning, and return you a consistent home


8. Dry and wet wipes are included with the package

The package comes with removable dry wipes and wet wipes, which are assembled and cleaned according to the floor and daily use


9. Microfiber wipes

*After countless times of accurate testing of the friction between the fuselage and the ground, the selected fiber wipes are combined with the powerful rotation of the large torque motor, which will not damage the floor and wipe the dirt easily.

*The mop adopts the best material, which can deal with kitchen stains, floor footprints, juice residue and other stains. In addition, fluffy Terry changes can take away annoying hair. Fiber wipers are preferred to operate at high speeds without shedding hair or abrading the floor.


10. Maintain the floor by imitating hands

Clean the floor at the same time can achieve the maintenance of the floor effect, so that your floor beautiful as new


11. Built in large capacity battery

When the machine is working, there is no need to plug in the power cord. The 2400 Ma lithium battery can be used for about 2 hours at a time, meeting the cleaning requirements of 120m ~ 2 ground


12. Quietly wipe the floor without disturbing the study

Low noise clean work sound as low as 50 decibels, with a clean and comfortable environment without disturbing study and rest



1. No need to control

2. Sticky dust and no dust

3. Ultra low power consumption

4. Dry and wet

5. Automatic cruise

6. Ultraviolet sterilization

7. Rotating hand rubbing

8. Get out of trouble automatically

9. Low noise cleaning

10. spray humidification


Battery capacity: 2400mAh

Service time: 2h

Clean area: 120㎡

Charging time: 6 hours

Product size: 25 * 25 * 6cm

Package size: 30 * 40 * 8cm

Product weight: 800g

Package weight: 1160g

Package Included:

Host * 1

Dry cloth * 1

Wet cloth * 1

Charging line * 1

Kettle * 1


Warm tips:

When charging for the first time, please charge for more than 6 hours (when charging, please use the charging wire provided by the factory, and the transformer shall not exceed 6V). The blue or red wipes are wet wipes. After cleaning, they must be screwed dry and then put on the machine for use. White or beige wipes are dry wipes and cannot be used with water. First use dry wipes and then wet wipes. Dry wipes need to be cleaned and dried.


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